Get ready for hurricane season in Biloxi, MS with a new generator installation

Be Prepared With Backup Power

As storm season approaches, many homeowners and business owners in the Biloxi, MS area are checking on their generators. If you don't have one installed yet, you risk having to go without power for extended periods of time. That's why you should hire On-Point Plumbing, LLC right way for generator installation services.

In addition to installing new generators, we also handle generator maintenance and repairs. Make an appointment today to get the help you need.

We'll go the extra mile to impress you

If your project involves a generator, we're the right team for the job. You should hire On-Point Plumbing if:

You want to prepare for hurricane season with a new generator installation
You need someone to run new gas lines or hook up municipal lines
You'd like to have a natural gas or liquid propane transfer switch installed

Call today to schedule generator maintenance, repair or installation services.